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Monday, September 8th, 2008
7:04 pm - Posted, happy? >:>

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Thursday, June 19th, 2008
5:01 am - Time wankers indeed.
There's nothing quite like watching would be dictators on the internet.

It seems to me that if you ask/tell members of a community to contact you with any questions and concerns and you then ignore all communications from community members that basically makes you a pair of wankers. :)

Therefore the doctor who livejournal group seems to be modded by wankers. Pathetic, lying little wankers.

I suppose this is the best that the internet could produce.

Reminds me why I spend less and less time here..

And no this didn't happen to me, I just watched a pair of feeble worms resort to any means possible to avoid having to hear that maybe..maybe their precious tv show wasn't perfect in every possible way.

I strongly suggest the boys in question do the world a favor and slit their wrists because if they can't handle one simple bad review on their livejournal how will they cope with an eventual cancellation?

Might be fun to watch though. :)

*purrs purrs*

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Friday, May 4th, 2007
2:21 am - So true.

So fucking true. Er..I mean I love you dear.

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
12:04 am - {Prrrrrrs}

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Friday, March 2nd, 2007
2:44 am - Road trip?
The History Library at Caltrans Sacramento apparently has a copy of "California Highways"
vol. 1 no. 11 November 1924.

The librarian is willing to send a photocopy but I'm seriously considering a road trip.


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2:22 am - Oh dear.

I have nightmares like this...

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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007
11:59 pm - What is wrong with people?
I still can't believe no one else on livejournal has "fisting avril lavigne" as an interest.

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11:24 pm - Air Force officer found guilty of raping 4 men.
This man isn't gay, he's a sick and evil sexual predator. There's a bloody difference.

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
4:25 am - Purrz atta romance.

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4:20 am - Microsoft hits back with the ZunePhone.
Zunephone ad.

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
12:07 am - Even if I wanted a bloody iphone~

Who's the bloody service provider then?

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12:00 am - Strangely, I can't argue.
Your results:
You are Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix
Poison Ivy
The Joker
Dr. Doom
Mr. Freeze
Green Goblin
Lex Luthor
A prime example of emotional extremes: Passion and fury incarnate.

Click here to take the Super Villain Personality Test

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Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
1:32 pm - Just wondering.
The vice president's openly homo daughter is having a baby with her longtime partner of 15 years.


How does she reconcile her life with her father's evil bullshit?

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1:29 pm - Tie her tubes please.
"With Britney Spears on a nightlife rampage in recent weeks, everyone's been asking – is this really how the mother of two toddlers should be acting?

Now, reports Page Six, the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services is wondering the same thing. A source says that DCFS has called the pop tartlet trying to set up a meeting, and that they want to check up on Sean Preston and Jayden James. And, of course, as TMZ reported last weekend, Britney's family, especially her mother, is deeply concerned as well, but haven't been able to get through to Britney to intervene.

A rep for the DCFS didn't comment to the Post, but it wouldn't be the first visit they've made to the Spears household. Back in April, when Sean Preston fell from a high chair (and Britney almost dropped the baby on a New York street), the authorities came in to have a look around. No action was taken."

I think it's good that social services are coming around but I also think it's pointless. She could be smoking the infant in a bong asnd nothing would be done.

When is she going to sell them to Michael Jackson and be done with it?

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1:21 pm - Story of my bloody life, this.

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
12:16 pm - Ben Stein officially smarter than the rest of his party.

Stolen from jfbat.

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11:40 am - Gay but well..gay.
This could be okay. At the very least it's acknowledging an intolerable situation in this country.

WTF is wrong with Americans? It's so odd that a country which bellows about blowing Iraqis up for liberty
can't quite seem to get hold of the actual practice of liberty.

I suppose calling it "liberty for straight white christian males" isn't as catchy.

What would happen if America's gays and lesbians walked off their jobs to fight for the right to get married? Shel (John Stamos), a gay party planner, agrees to organize the nuptials for straight brother Ben (Eric Dane) to Maggie (Bonnie Somerville), the Governor of Maine's (James Brolin) daughter. But when the governor comes out against gay marriage, an outraged Shel decides to go on strike, and soon gays all across the country go out on strike, too.

Upcoming Airings for Wedding Wars:
Monday, December 11 @ 9pm/8C
Tuesday, December 12 @ 1am/12C

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11:29 am - Rat.

Look at it! It's a little fucking rat innit?

I don't have a dog. My wife has a bloody dog.

Is it wrong my wife calls it Amy?

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Monday, August 14th, 2006
7:37 pm - 9/11-exploitation movie fails to open to blockbuster numbers.
1. If there is one thing that can thwart terrorism and heal the wounds it has already inflicted, it’s Will Ferrell running around in his underwear, screaming maniacally - $23 million

2. In a world constantly facing the threat of terror and violence, we really need more of these movies about troubled teens forming unlikely romances with wealthy peers through the power of dancing. Nobody puts Bin Laden in the corner…except Step Up! - $21 million

3. After their 9/11-exploitation action movie failed to open to the blockbuster numbers they were hoping for, studio bosses are starting to reconsider their plan to open a “hijacked plane suicide mission” simulation ride next summer at Disneyland. Guess Oliver Stone should have listened when producers told him that Captain Jack Sparrow would make an excellent terrorist villain - $19 million

4. CGI animation, talking animals, celebrity voices - you either love this crap or you don’t. Jihad! - $10.1 million

5. Only things scarier than Al Qaeda are low-budget remakes of Japanese horror movies that feature lots of shots of creepy-looking kids standing in bizarrely-lit hallways - $8.5 million

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2:05 pm - Even sweeter: lesbian principals win descrimination lawsuit.
A lesbian couple - both former school administrators - who sued because they felt they weren't fairly considered for rehire because of their sexual orientation won their lawsuit. The federal case vindicated their feelings of descrimination.

One of them was awarded $112,000 and the other $48,000.

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